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Final Post

Throughout the semester I have read books and done reports on them giving my thoughts and opinions on the books. For the most part these books reports haven’t been too bad. At first I really wasn’t looking forward to blogging, but as the semester rolled on and I became more comfortable with it, it started to become more enjoyable. I feel like I would have really enjoyed blogging if it were on topics I was passionate about. It’s just easier to write when you have a lot to say on the topic versus being reluctant to give thought on a assigned topic. This style of blog writing is fun because I feel like you can express your self more because you don’t have to be as formal in you’re writing. Writing the 10 facts about my self was my favorite post that I had to do. Maybe I’ll start my own personal blog if I have the time… maybe.

I still am not a fan of reading. The only book that I would say I could bare reading was Frankenstein. I don’t know what it is about my brain that makes reading so boring but I really can’t stand it. I wish I liked reading because I think its good for you and makes you smarter. It helps you with vocabulary and developing you’re own writing voice. I think that most books aren’t interesting enough to keep my attention with just words. I’m a big fan of visual effects and nice settings. Because I don’t like reading so much I feel like these posts have been a little more difficult to do. I think that even though I am not an avid reader, I still posses a good vocabulary and writing skills.

All in all this will be my last post at least on this site. Sorry to disappoint all my many fans because I know I have so many. Maybe you’ll see me blogging on a different page in the future though!




My Favorite Book thus Far.

For this weeks book assignment, I chose to read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. The book was 280 pages.  Most of the time.. actually all the time, I don’t like reading especially if its for class assignments. If you have read any of my other book report posts, you’ll know how I feel about reading books and doing book reports. You’ll also know that I have complained about reading all of the previous books. Not this time! Frankenstein was by far my favorite book I have read and posted about.  I’m not really sure if it were the writing style and author or the genre, but something about this book made me not want to put it down. I read the first 20 pages a week ago. Then Sunday morning I woke up and continued reading and ended up reading over half the book. The only reason I stopped was to get something to eat, then right back to it. I finished the whole book in one sitting pretty much which is super rare for me to do. Most of if not all of the time books can’t keep my attention for that long.


“I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel..”

Some of my favorite parts about the book were the way the story shifts to the monsters perspective. I have heard the Frankenstein story before, or so I thought. I always thought Dr. Frankenstein accidentally created a monster who’s only goal was to harm others. That’s not quite the case. In this book you get to see the thought process of the monster and understand more about why he killed those people. The killings weren’t random acts of violence. They were either in defense or targeted at specific people on which he sought his revenge. All in all the story was very sad in my opinion. Especially the ending. It is not a Hollywood ending so if you’re into those I would not recommend this book.

Words: 319




Early Monday Mornings

This week I have been ever so slightly reading “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley. The book is 280 pages long and I have only gotten through about 15 pages so far. Of course I know the basic story of Frankenstein, but I have never read the full version of the story to get all the extra details that I’ve missed. I remember in elementary school around 3rd or 4th grade I read a ‘dumbed’ down children’s version of the book, but remember little to no detail about it. So far, through the short portion of the novel that I have read, the book has definitely intrigued me. The main character Viktor Frankenstein is portrayed less as a crazy scientist like I was first lead to believe, and more of a curious intelligent, yet troubled young man. The book has done a great job so far of giving the reader details into Viktor’s mind and thought process.

“One man’s life or death were but a small price to pay for the acquirement of the knowledge which I sought, for the dominion I should acquire and transmit over the elemental foes of our race.”


Currently It is 6:30 AM. I am very tired and not looking forward to the rest of the school work I have left to do before I leave for class. As I write this report I am really struggling to keep my eyes open and pay attention to what I am writing. I guess it’s my fault though. I procrastinated to this point, so I must suffer the consequences. Also, I am very worried about my math project do this week. I’m really not sure on some of the material so I know that it’s going to be a headache and a half. I always tell myself that I should do some work a head of time so I don’t have to stress, wake up at the crack of dawn, and rush to complete my work, but I feel that I work the best under pressure. As much as I’d like to believe I can sit down and do the work at any moment in time, I know that if i try, I’ll day dream and slack off and not get anything accomplished.

335 words

The Millionaire Next Door

The book I chose to read for class was “The Millionaire Next door” by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. and William D. Danko, Ph.D. The book was 248 pages of agony to be honest. The book is about teaching the reader what steps he needs to take in his life to become successful. It compares the common pop culture perception of a millionaire to the actual lifestyle millionaire’s live. The book takes years of research and data and compiles compelling arguments backed with factual research. This is book is all around a business book. The authors warn that not all high income homes are not actually rich and prosperous. The authors argue that even though some people make a lot of annual money, they are not actually rich, because they spend it all. They believe that to be considered truly wealthy people need to spend their money smartly.

“Whatever your income, always live below your means.”

Even though the book was well written with vast amounts of information and knowledge to retain, I thought that book was more than a drag to read. It was, as I stated before, 248 long, boring pages of text. When first choosing to do the assignment on this book I didn’t realize the genre was business. I would much prefer to read a chronological story rather than read statistics. When choosing the book I found the only book in my apartment that fit the criteria. I will definitely not be making that mistake again. Even though I really didn’t like the book, I would still recommend it because of how well it was written and how informative it was. If you enjoy business books, then this is a great read for you. If not, I would not recommend picking up this book. All in all, the book was very informative and I learned a lot even though I hated every minute of it.


The Millionaire Next Door

I am currently reading The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko and am 88 pages into it. So far the book has been very slow. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into when I chose this book. It was the only book I could find in my apartment so I didn’t take much time to preview the context of the book. Also, as I have stated before in past blogs, reading isn’t my favorite activity. I am finding it very hard to set aside time to finish the book because of how slow paced it is. Each time I sit down to read, I find myself not paying attention to what I’m reading and instead just going over the words without looking into any context. I have had to reread most of what I previously read in order to get a better grasp on the central message that Stanley and Danko are trying to pass to the reader.


Stanley and Danko studied how people became wealthy and the way wealthy people live for years. Through their studies, they have found that peoples common conception of a millionaire is different from the reality of them. They’re belief in accord to what makes a man rich is different than the general population. Most believe that one would be considered rich if he or she has an abundance of material possessions. Stanley and Danko argue against this. Stanley and Danko believe that the more appreciable assets one has, the richer they are. People who live high-consumption lifestyle’s are often viewed as rich by the public, but most have little to no investments. In order to obtain real wealth, Stanley and Danko argue that a more simple lifestyle leads to more applicable wealth rather than just materialistic items.

308 words

“Wealthy to them refers to people who have an abundance of material possessions. We define wealthy differently.”

The Principle of the Path

A principle is like a law that is operating all the time, such as the law of gravity, even if you don’t believe in it. The principle presented in “The Principle of the Path” by Andy Stanley is the actual path itself. Stanley believes that in order for us to truly arrive at the destination we intend it requires two things in our lives: time and change in direction.  Even if we intend to end up somewhere, we will never reach that destination with out honing in on key principles on our path. Stanley’s key not on the principle of the path is that direction, not intention, determines destination. A lot of people in life do not end up where they wanted to be and they wonder why. It’s because no matter where they intended to be, they took a path that brought them somewhere else.  It does not matter what your intentions are because you can’t arrive at a destination if you do not take the right path to get there.

“Direction-not intentions, hopes, dreams, prayers, beliefs, intellect, or educations-determines destination.”

I enjoyed reading and learning about “The Principle of the Path.” Although, I do not particularly enjoy reading any book, I found this to be more intriguing than other novels I have read because I felt like I was constantly being informed or taught about something new I hadn’t yet thought of. He argues that the path always wins. No matter how much to intend or pray for something to happen, the path you take is where you will end up. Also, Stanley’s writing was sometimes funny and even made me chuckle when he talks about “The Italian Job.” Stanley also does a good job of integrating God into his principle of the path.  Even though, I am not a big reader, Stanley captured my interests with his book “the Principle of the path.” img_3196

304 words

“Prudent people look as far down the road as possible when making decisions.”

Monday Blue’s

Monday’s are awful. To combine with my awful Monday, I am reading “The Principle of the Path” by Andy Stanley to make it even worse. Why does this add to my disappointment of Mondays? Well, it’s because I really do not enjoy reading books. I don’t know what it is, but I just cannot bring myself to sit down and read unless I absolutely have to. I feel overwhelmed with a new book and that makes it hard to start reading. There is just something about it that irritates me to the max.

I have only read the introduction and the first 5 pages of chapter one of “The Principle of the Path.” With my deep seeded hatred for books in mind, I would consider the small introductory portion of the work I read as something that draws my attention. I like the style the book is written in.The Author is using his life and personal accounts in combination with his own rhetoric and suggestions. As I read the introduction Monday morning, I noticed how down to earth the author seemed. That sounds cliche, but it’s the best way I can describe what I felt. After reading the intro, I decided to stop and rest because I was beginning to not feel well from the intense food poisoning I endured over the weekend.


“And some roads are better left untraveled. That’s what this book is about.”

BY THE WAY: To top off my wonderful Monday, I am also recovering from food poisoning! I spent pretty much the whole weekend, which just so happened to be my birthday weekend, with my face burred in a toilet. All of Saturday and Sunday consisted of laying in bed suffering from dehydration, dizziness, chills, sweats, and everything else entailed with dying from food poisoning. It got so bad, my mom almost took me to the hospital because I couldn’t keep anything down and was so dehydrated. All in all, I’m feeling 1000% better and ready to take on the rest of the week.