My Favorite Book thus Far.

For this weeks book assignment, I chose to read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. The book was 280 pages.  Most of the time.. actually all the time, I don’t like reading especially if its for class assignments. If you have read any of my other book report posts, you’ll know how I feel about reading books and doing book reports. You’ll also know that I have complained about reading all of the previous books. Not this time! Frankenstein was by far my favorite book I have read and posted about.  I’m not really sure if it were the writing style and author or the genre, but something about this book made me not want to put it down. I read the first 20 pages a week ago. Then Sunday morning I woke up and continued reading and ended up reading over half the book. The only reason I stopped was to get something to eat, then right back to it. I finished the whole book in one sitting pretty much which is super rare for me to do. Most of if not all of the time books can’t keep my attention for that long.


“I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel..”

Some of my favorite parts about the book were the way the story shifts to the monsters perspective. I have heard the Frankenstein story before, or so I thought. I always thought Dr. Frankenstein accidentally created a monster who’s only goal was to harm others. That’s not quite the case. In this book you get to see the thought process of the monster and understand more about why he killed those people. The killings weren’t random acts of violence. They were either in defense or targeted at specific people on which he sought his revenge. All in all the story was very sad in my opinion. Especially the ending. It is not a Hollywood ending so if you’re into those I would not recommend this book.

Words: 319





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