Final Post

Throughout the semester I have read books and done reports on them giving my thoughts and opinions on the books. For the most part these books reports haven’t been too bad. At first I really wasn’t looking forward to blogging, but as the semester rolled on and I became more comfortable with it, it started to become more enjoyable. I feel like I would have really enjoyed blogging if it were on topics I was passionate about. It’s just easier to write when you have a lot to say on the topic versus being reluctant to give thought on a assigned topic. This style of blog writing is fun because I feel like you can express your self more because you don’t have to be as formal in you’re writing. Writing the 10 facts about my self was my favorite post that I had to do. Maybe I’ll start my own personal blog if I have the time… maybe.

I still am not a fan of reading. The only book that I would say I could bare reading was Frankenstein. I don’t know what it is about my brain that makes reading so boring but I really can’t stand it. I wish I liked reading because I think its good for you and makes you smarter. It helps you with vocabulary and developing you’re own writing voice. I think that most books aren’t interesting enough to keep my attention with just words. I’m a big fan of visual effects and nice settings. Because I don’t like reading so much I feel like these posts have been a little more difficult to do. I think that even though I am not an avid reader, I still posses a good vocabulary and writing skills.

All in all this will be my last post at least on this site. Sorry to disappoint all my many fans because I know I have so many. Maybe you’ll see me blogging on a different page in the future though!





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